How to install a satellite on a roof

When you need a good reception from your dish, you need to point it directly to at your satellite. You also ensure that there are no obstacles in between satellite and the dish. An obstacle can be anything that interferes with the satellite’s signal including buildings, trees or houses. The satellite TV signal won’t pass through these obstacles, so you have to ensure that the area you put the satellite dish in is receptive before you start the installation on your roof!

When you set up the satellite dish, you will need a compass. You have to check the elevation and azimuth and have at least one clear view from where you plan to install the dish. Remember, there can be no obstacle in between the satellite and the dish. If you are not sure if the location you are thinking of is suitable, you may wish to get in touch with a satellite TV dealer. He should be able to help you out.

For the people who live in the US, you should know that the satellite is ever facing the south of Texas. People who live in Florida will have to point their satellite dish in a place that has a clear line towards the southwest. For people who live in California, you need a clear line towards the southeast. The direction depends on your location. While you install the dish, you have to ensure that the pole or tri-mast assembly is vertically plumb. If it is not working, aligning the dish will be difficult. The pole mount should be securely fastened to the roof. If you do not fasten it, it can tilt, be causing lots of problems. You should fasten the mount too. Installing a satellite dish can be challenging the first time you try it. However, with practice, anyone can do it.

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