The Short History Of Satellite Radio

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On the clear day of November 9, 1972 and a Delta 1914 rocket rose into the sky the worlds of satellite and telecommunication technology were revolutionized by the Boeing Anik A1. As the first national synchronous satellite in the world, the Anik A1 was launched to herald a new interconnected era. Groundbreaking technology in the Anik A1 brought the entirety of Canada within immediate communication range. Now people from the Alaskan border and Vancouver to the west, all the way to St. John’s Newfoundland in the (more…)

Commercial Free Satellite Radio Is The Way To Go

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Some people claim that radio is dying in America. This may be true of commercial radio stations, but satellite radio has a growing audience. For those who love to listen to music or those who love to listen to good talk programming, satellite radio has much to offer.

One of the best reasons to choose commercial free satellite radio is to miss the long commerical breaks on most local radio stations. It so annoying to try to listen to some good music on the radio only to hear instead advertisement (more…)

Satellite Radio Is It Better Than FM

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When you think about listening to your favorite songs on the radio, the first thing that you probably think of is listening to the FM radio. Although there are certainly plenty of great stations and songs on FM radios all over the world, you are really missing out if you haven’t switched to satellite radio yet. Although some people might not realize it, there are a lot of benefits to satellite radio.

First of all, (more…)

Satellite Radio Larger Broadcast Area Than Traditional FM

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If you travel a good amount and are constantly driving, you probably are looking for something to listen to and take up your time during the long drives. If you are always driving, you are going to find that the radio stations of traditional FM and AM only last for a few hundreds miles (if that at all) and are soon out in fuzz and static. This makes it incredibly difficult to listen to anything while traveling. Due to this, you probably are looking for ways to listen (more…)

Common Misconceptions: Satellite TV

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No matter which side you’re on you’ve got to admit there’s a lot of negative press about all types of TV providers out there. Today we’re addressing some common misconceptions about Satellite tv so you can make an informed choice when you get your service:
The Weather Can Hold Up Service: Sure, it’s true in some severe cases satellite TV can be disrupted by bad weather but at the end of the day these disruptions aren’t any more frequent than cable outages.
Satellite is Prohibitively Expensive: Ask yourself, how much is your current cable bill? If you’ve got any number of channels odds are you’re already paying an arm and a leg and some bundle plans sound good in theory but don’t actually save you money. Crunch the numbers before you write off sat tv.
Satellite is Too Complicated: Actually, satellite TV users are said to prefer the interface and guides using satellite to cable and many people find it easy to have HD and regular channels all in one place. Satellite’s less complicated than you might think.

Do Satellite TV Companies Differ From Each Other

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Although satellite television companies do have many similar features, they all differ from one another in one way or another. That is why choosing the right provider takes time and research. One area where satellite TV companies differ is in monthly premiums. One may be able to afford being cheaper than the other because it makes its money in equipment rental fees. The other may not charge for equipment rental but may charge twice as much (more…)

Direct Broadcast Satellite Television And High Definition

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High definition television programming has significantly changed the way we view content on a TV. Not only is the image clearer with a higher resolution, but the available viewing areas as well. HD content is available by both cable and satellite providers, including direct broadcast satellite television services. Of course, in order to ensure you receive high definition programming from the service provider, you need to not only have the equipment installed properly, but activate the HD feature.

Contact your direct broadcast satellite television service and request to upgrade to (more…)

Why Is Satellite Television Better Than Cable

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Satellite television is much better than cable. When deciding between the two options you will clearly see that satellite television offers much more for the consumer. The biggest difference between the two types of television is the variety offered. Satellite television offers hundreds of channels. Besides all of the big usual network channels you will get hundreds of channels from all over the world. Many of these channels you have probably never heard of making satellite tv a great choice for (more…)

How Satellite Works For Television Broadcast

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When satellite television first debuted the process appeared to be confusing and the concepts of satellite transmission were not easy to understand. However, now we have an understanding of the whole system and how the signal is transmitted and received. Digital programing now enables all manner of broadcasts to the transmitted in high definition. This, in turn, vastly improves the overall experience of the television or radio program. Satellite television transmissions operate utilizing digital signals and the process is quite easy to (more…)